As the mobile gaming industry continues to expand and evolve, there are more games you can download and play with internet connectivity, which is almost in every home and institution. All you have to do is have a broadband or a Wi-Fi password to access all the racing games you wish to play offline and online.

However, there are those times when you might want to play your driving game without any disturbance of notifications from social media and online gaming websites. With offline apps, you can play Zodiac car racing games without interruptions from the outside world. You can start by installing offline driving games on your Android or IOS gadget. These offline apps include;

Rally Fury-Extreme Racing

It is one of the offline apps for Android and iPhone users. Its offline option is for a single gamer while the multiplayer option is functional online. The racing game has tilt and game pad controls and touch buttons that make it possible for you to drive and drift through the well-developed driveway. The offline app also has well-built graphics, music, visuals, tracks, and animations that make the driving game more interesting. Rally Fury-Extreme Racing is fantastic as you can play it anywhere on your phone as long as it has enough power.

Traffic Racer

If you love well-designed driving games to compete with other racing vehicles, you can install this game on your iPhone or Android smartphone. It is one of the interesting free Zodiac games that allows you to select up to thirty vehicles to compete within the freeway. Traffic racer has the easiest simulators that enable you to drift and dodge traffic by moving right and left on your smartphone screen.

You can also tilt your phone to steer and escape traffic obstacles and other racing cars on a freeway. It is one of the offline apps that have no racing tracks. The intriguing racing game allows you to customize your ride and upgrade it with fantastically developed in-game features. It offers you five game modes hence multiple options you can select for your satisfaction.

Hovercraft: Takedown

It is one of the most stylish offline apps that encourages gamers to be creative while playing. The free driving game allows racers to choose and create a hovercraft for the game. You can create a racing vehicle of any color and shape and equip it with any weapon you wish to use while playing. If you are playing the racing game alone, you can comfortably do it offline, but if you want to engage and compete with other gamers, you can switch your Wi-Fi on to play.

Real Racing 3

Another free-to-play Zodiac offline racing game is Real Racing 3. It’s designed to suit mature and experienced gamers with either Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and Nvidia phones. The mobile driving offline app has fantastic in-game features and fascinating graphics that make driving in the racing tracks easier and enjoyable for you. Additionally, players can use both offline and online modes for this racing game.

Need for Speed: No limits

This game series is excellent for Android and iPhone gamers. The offline app offers you the gaming experience you wish for through its well-set graphics and racing tracks. It also provides quality excitement while you enjoy drifting your vehicle in the racing game. You can customize the features in your ride as you play to give you street racing supremacy when you drift and roll the streets of Blackridge.

The game also provides a variety of car classes you can choose from including, BMW M2 Couple, Fiesta ST Ford, 370 Z Nissan, Subaru BRZ, and Golf GTI Volkswagen. The racing cars have maximum speed and acceleration that allows you to drift recklessly and earn a reward. Zodiac offers the game for free, and it provides you additional tracks as you progress to higher levels.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

This app is among the best driving games that offer a world of gaming excitement and challenges. It has many licensed vehicles from top luxury brands such as Lamborghini and Porsche. The racing vehicles perform at their peak, allowing you to get the best experience as you cruise and drift along the over 40 high-speed racing tracks. The driving game has both single and multiplayer modes, in which the single option is fully functional offline.

You can pull off insane driving stunts at maximum speed and select the shortest original or a mirror variation track for a clean win while leaving gravity in the dust. The offline app also has diverse customization options for you to select and creatively make your gaming fun and enjoyable. It is among the free-to-play Zodiac games that you can enjoy playing offline after downloading it.

Enjoy the game

If you love car racing games, you can play anywhere without an internet connection with Zodiac Driving Games!