Zodiac and non-zodiac driving games place players in an artificial environment believed to substitute the real driving experience. In such games, they can drive a vehicle that resembles a real one or a vehicle from the game designer’s imagination.

Driving games are currently the most trending in the entertainment sector since they attempt to copy various activities from real-life driving situations and assist in driver training. The global driving simulator market size was evaluated at USD 4.6 billion in 2019, and it’s expected to grow to a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 3.4 percent in the future.

Both zodiac and non-zodiac driving games are often used during driving competitions to prepare players in handling safety-critical tasks that may be unsuitable to exercise on real-life roads. Such tasks include risky driving or collision avoidance. Below are some of the best driving games that offer instructors an environment to explore vehicles in a new, engaging, and memorable way.

Project Cars 2

Some track-based racing simulations confuse authenticity with difficulty. Their creators may make a car impossible to manage, and sometimes the track may feel like it’s covered with ice. Project Cars 2 features transferable skills to help players identify the stability and patterns of a given area. If an action works in the real world, it’ll work in the game and vice versa. You can play this game on PS5, but you may need to update the system to the latest software.

Assetto Corsa

Even though Assetto Corsa doesn’t have the best game modes or AI components, it offers the pure sensation of driving a race car. Additionally, it delivers an unstoppable sensation of immersion and realism, possibly the best physics of any simulation software.

The game has an active modding community that constantly adds tons of features, from supercars to custom tracks. The multiple race modes include a career mode and special and unique events, with customizable single-player and multiplayer modes. They also include a quick race mode for drift challenges.


According to some people, iRacing’s cost of entry is high. However, when it comes to authenticity, iRacing ranks at the top. The cars therein are designed with impeccable attention to detail, and they have rules that the driver must follow.

Their physics engines are also accurate, and gamers seeking an unparalleled eSport driving experience will feel right at home with iRacing. It utilizes advanced technology to recreate the ever-expanding lineup of famed tracks and race cars from the comfort of your home.

Rfactor 2

Established in 2013, Rfactor 2 is still growing. Its developers continually improve the distance to line crossing features, and the modding community constantly churning out tons of mods to help improve the player’s driving experience. Distinctive, Rfactor 2 is effective for races with over 100 AI opponents.

The game can also combine AI opponents with actual drivers during online multiplayer races. The players can select various alternatives of cars to be driven, specific routes to follow, the number of AI opponents to compete against, and how fast and aggressive the competitors should be.

Richard Burns Rally

Since 2004, Richard Burns Rally has had plenty of mods generated by its passionate fans. Most of the rally simulations are compared to this game since it sets the bar for ultra-realistic races. The available mods can adjust everything from the interaction of tires to various surface types. It works with security officials from wide-ranging World Rally Championship rounds. It often dares the safety delegates by putting them at the center of a situation or a problem to test the players.

Beaming. Drive

Beaming. Drive makes driving simulation fun from the get-go. It provides various gameplay modes and scenarios that may include campaigns and a time trial mode. The soft-body physics engine energizes every component of the vehicle in real-time. The driving experience is authentic, and crashes are violent and realistic. At the same time, its physics elements are conveniently operational with a gamepad.

Bottom line

Video games, especially zodiac driving games, are at times difficult or even impossible to play. While some people may prefer spending their time behind the wheel of a real car, the advent of virtual reality and next-generation graphics offers a digital equivalent for nearly every hobby, driving being at the top.