Making money through music is not easy. Besides, there are many musicians out there. How do you compete with them to make sure you fit into the industry and still earn a living?

Waiting for one of your songs to trend is not a smart plan. Even if your tracks trend and your audience grow, you still have to figure out how to make money. If you are a musician, you probably know that being famous does not translate to being rich. You have to be creative and put in lots of work to earn through music.

But, as much as earning through music is not easy, it is not impossible. Here is a guide on tips to earn through music.

Syncs or Placements

Syncs or placements are music used in media platforms such as driving games, commercials, TV shows, and movie films. For companies or various projects to use your music tracks, they have to get a license and negotiate fees with you. They have to pay you a master fee as well as a publishing fee.

The crucial thing is to find sites that can put you in touch with various TV managers and film projects. Be careful not to sign exclusive agreements. Otherwise, you may risk not getting signed by any label or publisher.

Sell Samples Royalty-Free

If you love making music, you probably have lots of unfinished tracks and sounds that you’ll probably never use. You can earn money through these tracks. Turn them into a royalty-free sample and sell them to interested producers. You’ll be surprised how so many producers jump for such an opportunity.

You can pack the tracks in samples and put them for sale through your website or by visiting various producer shops in your area. It is a great way to earn money through your unused music.

Creative Merchandising

If you have a following, especially a young audience, you can make lots of money by selling creative merchandise. It doesn’t matter what you sell as long as it has your brand. You can be more creative and sell merchandise based on zodiac signs or specific trends to attract a customer base.

If you love writing, sell poems and even write books based on your experience and life story. You’ll be surprised how many people buy such things just because they love the writer. Maximize your following. If you are a good designer, make clothes and shoes that are incomparable, and brand them with your logo.

Start a YouTube Channel

You can earn money through YouTube by uploading your music and giving video tutorials if you monetize it. YouTube is the leading music streaming service currently, and as much as you may not get so much from it, it might earn you extra cash, mainly if you use ads.

YouTube has a system known as Content ID, which pays you as long as you are the copyright owner of a song uploaded on YouTube. You can monetize through ads, and even if you did not upload the video, you still get paid.

Freelance Session Work

If you are good at playing various instruments, you can consider doing freelance session work. This is where you create your profile with music network websites that connect musicians with producers. It is the same as earning through gigs, only that you do not have to put posters or look for gigs personally.

All you need to learn is how to record your music tracks and send them to the producers. It is an easy and perfect way to earn some extra cash in the comfort of your home. It also exposes you to potential producers and customers interested in your work.

Invest in Yourself

It takes money to make money. Any method of promoting yourself requires you to use some cash. But, besides pressing records and making creative merchandise, you should invest in your music.

Invest in the quality of your voice, recording, and mastering. Make sure your music gets noticed for being of high quality. If need be, find vocal training to improve your vocals and find the best producers that can make excellent and unique videos. That way, more people will be attracted to your music, increasing your chances of earning through music.

Earning through music requires you to be creative. You might be surprised that so many people look for your song by hearing it from driving games, functions, or TV shows. You can also invest in zodiac signs to distribute your music. Certain groups are more aggravated towards certain songs just because of their zodiacs. Be proactive and make your tracks know all over.